A beautiful, tragic young woman, both mortal and spirit, is in transformation, caught in flux, neither daughter nor bride.

Evelyn Byrd (1707-1737) was the daughter of William Byrd II, founder of Richmond, Va. He built the mansion and gardens of Westover on the James River in 1730.

Evelyn died there of a broken heart at age thirty after her father thwarted her marriage to Charles Mordaunt.

Her spirit is said to haunt Westover at night, in Indian summer, when quiet reigns under the trees.

Symbolic details of Evelyn Byrd's life and death adorn the background of this lithograph. The original print created captures a visual narrative that includes the black swan, for which William Byrd was known, as well as a silhouette of Evelyn’s lover. Other symbols include the gates of Westover Plantation, the socialite's fan of her old life which she casts off and the egg of her new life which she embraces.

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