Created in the darkroom through superimposition, the experimental nature of this process presents challenges both technical and esthetic. Inspired by my filmmaking, I used a larger than life figure, moving in a landscape to create a goddess of nature. In this still image with implied motion, the goddess figure appears illusive, but grand, and ephemeral, yet seen, through the silhouetted wisteria vines climbing an arbor.

Photograph–Printed from a solarized negative, the feminine form emerges from smooth velvety tones of silver gray in this photographic print, in which both negative and positive exist simultaneously. The title implies a feminine spirit waiting to emerge.

Lithograph (black and silver ink on Rives BFK white paper)
Hand-printed by Mark Abrahamson at Winstone Press
The image creates a trace of the original figure, using black and silver inks to give a print relief of the photograph, as a rubbing over stone yeilds its texture. The spinal curve is accented by the subtle curled fingers and turning head. The implied shapes, hinted at by texture, give the impression of a female spirit below the surface.

Originally displayed as a lifesize three-panel backdrop for a mixed media presentation, this smaller photographic print of the collage captures the symbolic journey of a woman through time. Incorporating the painting, Dream, by Arthur B. Davies and inspired by the Grimms fairy tale of The Maiden Without Hands, this image incorporates elements of painting and photographic collage. The piece provides a stirring glimpse through the window into a cerebral choreography.